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Anonymous @ 2010-08-29 02:07 report
This music reminds me of 8-bit metroid s

Anonymous @ 2010-08-24 22:49 report
This music seems to be from lavender tow
wn in pokemon.

Anonymous @ 2010-08-19 10:55 report
"no labyrinth is inescapable"

Adrien2002 @ 2010-08-10 05:00 report

Anonymous @ 2010-07-28 19:53 report
I found this by pressing "I found t
this by pressing "I found this by p
pressing "random" XD" XD&
" XD

Amonymous @ 2010-07-28 00:06 report

Anonymous @ 2010-07-27 20:29 report
I found this by pressing "random&qu
uot; XD

Anonymous @ 2010-07-27 14:41 report
Why does these shitty 3D gifs exist?

Das Pirate @ 2010-07-27 14:34 report
Sounds like the sound effect when you ge
et hurt on Golden axe o.O

Anonymous @ 2010-07-27 14:33 report
the sound kinda messed it up