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Anonymous @ 2010-12-15 22:40 report
dont feed the troll

btw:wtf? @ 2010-05-22 20:57 report
Saero sux.

sry guy, u lose.

Searo @ 2010-05-15 11:48 report
futurama sucks
sry guys u lose

Anonymous @ 2010-04-09 01:21 report
new episodes in June

Zurtax @ 2010-04-02 15:34 report
Bender FTW

ConkerSquirel @ 2010-03-01 22:20 report
Its from the movie of Futurama: Into the
e Wild Green Yonder seen all futurama mo
ovies their all awesome and so are all t
the episodes ive seen

Anonymous @ 2009-11-13 23:54 report
comment below me drawn together lol, awe
esome series

Bradders @ 2009-11-10 14:15 report
ah a hooker with that many holes must be
e good buesiness
just like my mother al
lways said
"im a whore now get out
t my house" @ 2009-11-07 02:39 report
i think is cool

Anonymous @ 2009-11-06 00:59 report
It's from the fourth Futurama movie Beyo
ond the wild green yonder.

Anonymous @ 2009-11-06 00:05 report
New Season?

Anonymous @ 2009-11-05 22:58 report
Futurama is tha best GO BENDER

Anonymous @ 2009-11-05 20:51 report
I havent seen this!

Anonymous @ 2009-11-05 19:34 report
Alter Ego - Rocker

Nepotis @ 2009-11-05 13:48 report
Jeeeyyy :D