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Anonymous @ 2011-09-26 22:45 report
call him dictator.

ROFLcopter @ 2010-06-20 22:29 report
you mean bison/vega or whatever the hell
l they call him now

Anonymous @ 2010-06-15 17:29 report
this is an fuckin epic game. i beat bens
son!! >:D

Anon @ 2010-02-07 13:33 report
Song sauce: Bazookistan by Mad cow and t
the eurobeat orchestra

Lol @ 2009-05-25 16:13 report
I love this

Anonymous @ 2009-04-24 18:26 report
It is kind of humiliating to watch. Even
n though I am not a russian human.

Anonymous @ 2009-02-03 15:57 report
Zangief ending from videogame street fig
ghter 2. Dont know the song.