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Anonymous @ 2013-09-12 07:11 report
Franz Ferdinand - Take me out

pedobear @ 2013-05-25 00:20 report
Name music?

Anonymous @ 2011-02-10 23:35 report
I hate when they're respawning behind my
y back >.<

Gatling @ 2011-01-29 16:07 report
Lol a gatling gun css?

eh? @ 2011-01-02 12:33 report
osama? o.o

Anonymous @ 2010-12-11 19:21 report
clever ninja

Anonymous @ 2010-12-01 07:42 report
wolfman, guy with minigun, random guy, s
santa with machete, hidden ninja
enemys he got...

Anonymous @ 2010-09-27 23:59 report
That's creative

Anonymous @ 2010-06-18 11:37 report
is it death match? :D

Tetsani @ 2009-12-25 14:23 report
Franz Ferdinand is the right group... it
t's just the beginning is so diffrent. a
after maybe 1 min it changes drastic and
d becomes more like this song

robbiz @ 2009-12-14 15:40 report
The author of the song is Franz Ferdinan
nd but when you search for it on Spotify
y, a completely different song is played

Lowpoly @ 2009-10-23 21:17 report
Well, the song was mentioned didnt sound
d a bit like this one, found one on Spot
tify that sounded almost the same, and t
that was AVID Allstars

Stacks McQueen @ 2009-09-27 06:56 report
Lowpoly, what the fuck are you smoking?
The author of the song is Franz Ferdina
and. Srsly, get 20 internets and clue.

Anonymous @ 2009-07-04 21:36 report
lego guns are so much harder than normal
l ones

Anonymous @ 2009-05-19 02:27 report
give sum geeks sum toys and this fucking
g awesum shit appears =D

Lowpoly @ 2009-05-10 13:29 report
Wrong. This song isnt Take Me Out - Fran
nz Ferdinand, but rather Take Me Out - A
AVID All Stars ( at least thats what i f
found closest )

Eclarice @ 2009-04-27 19:59 report
Fo' can't beat the ninja! :D

Anonymous @ 2009-04-09 06:01 report
was posted a good few years back on 4cha

Still good

Anonymous @ 2009-02-25 00:19 report
This is probably a recreation of a video
o game called "The Specialists"
t;. If it is, they suck.

Anonymous @ 2009-02-22 16:17 report
where is the clip from? An youtube video